Spirituality and the Actor

My spirituality is something that I hold very closely to my heart.  It fulfills and enriches my life .  I ve discovered a new skin underneath my own.  It one that is even physically stronger and filled with even more love than I could have ever expected or believed I would ever receive .  I ve decided to spend the next year in quiet and solitude working on my crafts, a lot less phone calls., hardly and texting, and  just quiet. I am enjoying my new skin.  Namaste.

Feature Film

When an actor auditions for Principal Roles in SAG films its a very gratify stage in his development .  As an actor you realize that its the quality of the auditions you receive that dictates where you are at.  I am so humbles and dedicated.  I have just completed one that I worked on for 3 weeks. It was a very gratifying experience. It looked so great.  TV casting last week went well and I am self taping another PRINCIPAL ROLE for another SAG FEATURE on Monday.  Grateful, humble, and enriched. Love is all there is.


I have been prepping this intense leading film role for 5 weeks straight.  I ve lost 10 pounds .I  found a new love of water – and long walks in the sunshine. I dug very deeply within my  subconscious trying to clean out  skeletons that were left behind, in the way back in a pile in the corner.  I m  doing it.  In playing Julian,  I ve learned that  I am the hero like he is. I was a bit afraid to live as the hero . Now I am not.


I m shooting this incredible film and role in the Beginning of June.   The character is the hero but desperate to find some sort of inspiration and understanding of his warrior spirit juxtaposed with this caring and service oriented mentality while trying to save his brother from his demise.  He ultimately realizes that he is alone on his journey and moves forward.  His body is ripped but very lean. hungry  but weathered and dark    I ve started the physical and spiritual prep.  H/M costume and test is SAT.  I AM SUCH A GRATEFUL AND FULFILLED PERSON .


The life of a working artist is very taxing on the body, mind, and emotional life of the artist.  Rest is  the upmost important factor and the keyto living a successful life in the arts .  I’ve am blessed with so many gigs.  I rest as much as I can when  I’m off.  I Literally am forcing myself to sleep – whether it happens in the day or night.  So I can be 200%  creatively engaged when on a film set. I’m a very high octane individual.  I have had to reprogram  and channel my own natural state into solely performing. It feels different for me personally, but I know the end result is a great product.  I am fully immersed in the business of acting. I am my business.  I am a humble,grateful, and loved man. I am a paid, successful, and  professional working  actor and this is so.