a long time coming

I ve been working on this character named Pharm for 3 years now.  The film is called “Only a glass inside of me.”  I m working with this incredible team of creative actors and this fantastic director . They have become friends and we inspire each other a lot. Anyway. We are ready to shoot the major scenes now. I have a 10 page monologue.  It was interesting because there were opportunities to shoot these very dramatic and serious scene.  But the weather has to be right, we only shoot in the desolate winter on location uptown and well, the actors just weren’t ready.  The director has taken us on this journey waiting for the right moment to capture this.  And its here.


The unconquerable quiet

Its Quiet.  This  quiet place has found me.  I realized that I have never experienced a quiet life. Im finding that it works for me.   I am always the get up and go guy. Now I am the same but its more quiet. More surrendered.  Thats all I can say.  Self evaluation and observation. Continued time alone and meditation

karate training and Rehearsals

Karate.  Is a very ascending and almost holy sport and experiential process. I thought my mind had already expanded artistically but now there is something happening to me that is Limitless, activated and pure. Non-profit, Karate, Film, and Stage. Play is up on January 3rd. 4 short films in post and in the process of shooting another. Surrendered.

Method Acting

When that character lands ….it jolts me. Literally.  I jump out of my seat and its like this electricity fills my body and slaps my face. It happened in rehearsals today.  I become so overly-sensitive and just plain weird before it happens.  I m learning not judge myself about anything.  I play these tragically flawed characters so often. Its intense but I love it. I’m learning to be in the room with others during the character building  process.  I m very used to being on a set.  Its more quiet.  I am grateful and humbled by the other actors I work with. I love the stage .  Its real ….like when a director calls “action.”